RELEX User Webinar Series 2016/17

Join our user webinars to get the most out of the tools at your disposal.

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    We’re again staging a series of ten one-hour webinars, one per month, aimed at helping you to get the most out of the tools at your disposal.

    Webinars are targeted at all RELEX users. Whether you’re already working with our software or are looking to do so, we hope to squeeze in plenty of tips, advice, and examples into each session.

    The series will be kicked off on Wednesday 24th August. By popular demand, some of the webinars will pick up topics from our previous series.

    Again each session will be hosted by very experienced supply chain management and software experts, and will be conducted in English. Please feel free to take part in as many as you can. Webinars will also be recorded, so in case you can't participate in some of them, there is still a chance to watch them later.

    You’ll be able to ask questions during the live webinars. Better still, please submit the topics in advance to or through the registration form below so we can deal with your queries in detail. The intention is that you’ll be able to put the practical ideas and advices we share to immediate and effective use.

    All webinar sessions will start at 8:00 (New York), 13:00 (London), 14:00 (Frankfurt), 15:00 (Helsinki). More detailed joining instructions will be sent to you prior to each session you choose to attend.

    To register for the webinars, fill out the form below.

    Register for the webinars:

    Webinar sessions 2017

    18.1.2017 | Promotion management

    • Why promotion management matters
    • Promotion planning and management in RELEX
    • Promotion performance analysis
    • Level: Basic

    15.2.2017 | Promotion forecasting & replenishment

    • Best practices and tips for promotion forecasting and replenishment in RELEX
    • Statistical promotion forecasting
    • How to use RELEX´s initial promotion replenishment
    • Level: Intermediate

    8.3.2017 | Regression forecasting & applications: Taking price and weather into account

    • Best practices for promotion forecasting with price change considered
    • How to take the impact of weather into account in forecasting
    • Level: Advanced

    5.4.2017 | Order parameter optimization: Practical approach

    • RELEX order parameter optimization logic explained
    • Statistics behind order parameter optimization
    • Best practices and examples
    • Level: Intermediate

    3.5.2017 | Replacement and reference management

    • How to handle new product introductions with replacements and references
    • How to plan new store openings and assortment extensions with references
    • Level: Intermediate


    Webinar sessions 2016

    24.8.2016 | RELEX 5.8 release presentation

    • What's new in RELEX 5.8
    • Level: Intermediate

    21.9.2016 | Order proposal calculation: Basics of MRP ordering

    • Basics of MRP replenishment calculation
    • What in practice influences the order proposal quantity
    • How to see more details on calculated order proposals in RELEX
    • Level: Basic

    19.10.2016 | Order proposal diagnostics: Best practices in order proposal investigations

    • Details of MRP calculation logic
    • How to identify the typical reasons why order proposal calculation gives unexpected results
    • Common pitfalls with master data and other input data
    • Tips for processing and analyzing order proposals
    • Level: Intermediate

    16.11.2016 | Holiday season planning: Case Christmas

    • How to handle unusual holiday weeks with less deliveries but more sales volume
    • Best practices for holiday season forecasting and replenishment
    • Tips on how to prepare for holiday season in advance
    • Level: Intermediate

    14.12.2016 | Basics of RELEX database query language “TQL”

    • Notation and most common functions of TQL
    • Building up search criteria and setting parameter values with multiple metrics and parameters
    • Level: Advanced