Ask managers what causes them the most problems in the consumer product supply chain – choosing from any product, product group or area of operations – and the most common answer you’ll get is “promotion management”.

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    Ask them what the most difficult thing about promotion management is and more often than not they’ll shout “everything”. Forecasting, delivering, tracking; they can all break supply chain managers out in a cold sweat.

    But don’t worry, the situation isn’t hopeless. It’s a little like the old joke – ‘how do you eat an elephant?’ – answer; ‘one mouthful at a time’. Promotion management is a step-by-step process and bringing together the right tools and the right approach should put an end to most, if not all, of your worries.

    This whitepaper is about how to plan your promotions, and how to improve your demand forecasting and tracking in 4 simple steps. It also examines the requirements of the different development phases from an output data and operating model perspective.

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    Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season