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Increasing Online Profitability Through Strategic Fulfillment 

Survey-Based Research Study | August 2023



    About the Report 

    This comprehensive report from Incisiv, in collaboration with RELEX and FMI, sheds light on the challenges retailers face in the ever-evolving digital grocery landscape.

    Incisiv conducted research to understand how U.S. grocers view the current opportunities and challenges in managing their digital fulfillment. 

    The survey includes 116 responses, with 73% director-level or above.


    Key Takeaways:

    • 97% of grocers prioritize improving product availability as their top technology focus.
    • 59% of grocers express dissatisfaction with their current e-commerce strategic fulfillment solutions.
    • 89% of grocers believe optimizing end-to-end order fulfillment offers significant opportunities for profitability enhancement.

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