Inventory Management Best Practices for Food Wholesalers

Inventory Management best practices for food wholesalers

How to reduce spoilage and boost sales? Inventory Management Best Practices for Food Wholesalers, our six-week email course, tells you how to manage inventory for maximum results. We'll cover the essentials to improve your food supply chain management for increased sales and happier customers. You'll receive an actionable lesson once a week for the next six weeks. Take part for free, anytime!

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    We understand the science of supply chain.

    RELEX, founded by three logistics scientists in 2005, combines cutting-edge technology and deep supply chain management expertise. Our solutions have helped food distribution businesses to optimise their inventory management by automating forecasting and replenishment, minimising lost sales and reducing spoilage. 
    Our food wholesale customers have driven down waste and improved availability by managing supplier rules better, prioritising the customers and products that generate most revenue and saved as much as 5% of turnover through efficiencies. This course wraps up the key lessons we've learned from these real-life cases. Let us share our knowledge.

    Contents of the course:

    • course1
      LESSON 1
      Why technology makes a strong foundation for your food wholesale business
    • course2
      LESSON 2
      Why moving from high-level to granular-level forecasting makes a difference
    • course3
      LESSON 3
      The benefits of combining accurate forecasts with real-time data
    • course4
      LESSON 4
      How to efficiently forecast your promotions
    • course5
      LESSON 5
      How to deal with the suppliers’ rules - and turn them to work for your benefit
    • course6
      LESSON 6
      Why controlling shelf life and cutting spoilage has a heavy impact - and how to make that work

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