RELEX User Webinar Series 2017/18

Join our user webinars to get the most out of the tools at your disposal.

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    We are redesigning our training concept to serve our customers' needs even better. We will send you more information about the renewing webinar concept during August 2018.

    We wish all our customers a good summer and look forward to seeing you in User Webinars 2018-2019!

    Webinar sessions 2017

    23.8.2017 | 6.1 release presentation

    • What's new in RELEX 6.1
    • Level: Intermediate

    20.9.2017 | Workspace views and user interface basics

    • Using workspace views
    • Customizing workspace views
    • Home views and charts
    • Level: Basic

    18.10.2017 | Holiday season planning: Case Christmas

    • How to handle unusual holiday weeks with less deliveries but more sales volume
    • Best practices for holiday season forecasting and replenishment
    • Tips on how to prepare for holiday season in advance
    • Level: Intermediate

    15.11.2017 | Advanced Store replenishment concepts

    • How to choose efficient delivery dates
    • Selection between multiple possible batches
    • Taking shelf space into account in replenishment
    • Level: Advanced

    13.12.2017 | Coordinated ordering

    • Concept of RELEX coordinated ordering
    • Calculation logic
    • Best practices
    • Level: Basic


    Webinar sessions 2018

    17.1.2018 | Planograms

    • Basics of store-level planogramming
    • Level: Basic

    14.2.2018 | Demand forecasting basics

    • Purpose of time-series based demand forecasing
    • Most common forecast models explained
    • Forecast model optimization
    • Level: Basic

    14.3.2018 | Forecasting purely seasonal products

    • How to forecast purely seasonal products?
    • Best practices
    • Level: Intermediate

    11.4.2018 | Allocation

    • In which cases allocations are useful?
    • RELEX Allocation calculation logic
    • Best practices
    • Level: Intermediate