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Supply Chain Optimisation For Wholesalers

RELEX has helped wholesalers across Europe plan better, sell more and waste less. Supply chain optimisation is what we live and breathe – and we build systems that bring together the best of academic and technological research with our wide experience working alongside businesses like yours, to reap all the benefits of a more effective and efficient supply chain.



    In a highly competitive environment, it’s vital to ensure you have the supplies your customers need but keep capital tied up in excess stock to a minimum. Whether you sell high-value machinery, or manage goods at risk of spoilage, the latest supply chain management (SCM) systems give you powerful tools that can make it far easier to do just that, and more.



    RELEX clients use our systems to manage supplier offers and purchasing rules (free freight, minimum orders etc) to maximise profits. Through better forecasting and automated replenishment we’ve helped our customers slash their costs by as much as 5% of turnover, inventory levels by 30%, out-of-stocks by up to 80%, and reduced fresh produce spoilage by 50%.

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    You’ll learn how you can:

    • Cut inventory, free up capital for re-investment and still carry the stock your customers need
    • Optimise stock levels across a wide network of warehouses, depots and stores
    • Improve your management of seasonal and promotion-related demand
    • Cut costs by managing suppliers’ minimum order, delivery and other rules
    • Manage large accounts while serving smaller or retail customers with the help of customer-level forecasting

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