State of the Retail Supply Chain 2016

A survey conducted by Martec International highlights the key challenges retailers across North America and Europe face today. Read the report ‘State of the Retail Supply Chain 2016’ to discover exclusive insights.

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    Key findings include:

    • 64% of retailers highlighted forecasting for promotions as one of their main challenges
    • Yet only 35% had a system capable of building an automatic demand forecast for promotions
    • 58% of retailers can’t accurately forecast future out of stocks with their current system
    • On average, retailers spend 79 minutes preparing a standard report and 110 minutes preparing an ad hoc report

    Read the report to find out the business and system challenges supply chain executives face and how they plan to overcome them.


    'State of the Retail Supply Chain 2017' is now available

    The newest edition of the annual report reveals how European retailers are facing modern supply chain challenges in 2017.

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    State of the Retail Supply Chain 2016

    Martec International interviewed 126 retailers across North America and Europe with annual sales in excess of €100 million.

    The study explores the state of supply chain planning and execution in retail covering all aspects from forecasting and replenishment challenges to supplier collaboration, omni-channel, supply chain visibility and more.