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The State of Supply Chain 2024

Retail and CPG Dynamics

Today, supply chain strategies are being put to the test by challenges like ever-evolving consumer demands and unpredictable global events. Our report, State of Supply Chain 2024: Retail and CPG Dynamics​,​ uncovers insights about how retail and CPG executives are tackling these challenges and planning for the future. 

Key Findings

Overall, respondents highlighted the biggest challenges to improving supply chain efficiency and accuracy over the next three years as:


Shifting consumer demand volatility


Global events and disruptions


Inaccurate sense of customer-specific demand

Explore the data

We asked retailers and CPGs specific questions about their individual challenges and priorities. Explore the findings for each audience below. 

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Download the full report to read the full results of our 2024 study and to learn more about the challenges, strategic investment areas, and opportunities for retailers and CPGs over the next three to five years, including: 

  • Top technology spending priorities  
  • Investment plans for emerging technologies  
  • The biggest challenges in improving supply chain efficiency and accuracy  
  • The biggest challenges facing accurate demand forecasting 
  • How ineffective collaboration with supply chain partners impacts business 
  • How social media has affected product surge buying and/or demand fluctuations  

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