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DIY Forecasting:
How HELLWEG Conquered Inventory Optimization

Duration: 45 Minutes + Q&A

Those who watch this webinar can expect to come away with an understanding of:

  • The top challenges faced by DIY retailers worldwide
  • How an agile data-driven solution helped Hellweg identify and solve unique inventory issues
  • How Hellweg adapted to inventory complexities that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How Hellweg has improved product availability and slow-mover management with optimized, data-based forecasting

DIY retailers know all too well the struggle to ensure that the right inventory will be in stock to meet inconsistent customer demand, particularly when dealing with slow movers and seasonal products. In this on-demand webinar, two supply chain experts from DIY retailer Hellweg, Bastian Theis, Head of Store Supply, and Christian Althaus, Head of Supply Chain, discuss how they identified and overcame these challenges, particularly when COVID-19 caused further complexities for the business.

"Our old system made an order proposal to each store based on the sales of the previous year, but as every year is different, the gut feeling of the person sitting in front of the proposal had a large influence," says Theis. "These [ordering] decisions had to be taken a thousand times a day, so we believe it's better to have a centralized and homogeneous approach."

Althaus explains that implementing an effective centralized and agile solution helped solve some of their inventory issues while optimizing stock levels of their 60,000+ item assortment and alleviating the worries of their decision-makers.  

The goal for Hellweg, says Althaus, "is to improve the system [with technology and data] instead of trying to fix something with a manual order." When combined with the experience of Hellweg's personnel and the understanding of the business needs and local store patterns, RELEX helped improve each forecast. Althaus notes that this new centralized process "is not a revolution" but an "evolution" in DIY inventory management.

Your Webinar Speakers

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Christian Althaus
Head of Supply Chain, HELLWEG

After more than 10 years in various industrial Supply Chain Management positions, Christian Althaus has spent the last two years on integrating store supply, import business and logistics as Head of Supply Chain at Hellweg.



Bastian Theis
Head of Store Supply, HELLWEG

After working more than 10 years in the consumer goods industry and leading different European supply chain teams Bastian Theis joined Hellweg last year. He has taken over the lead of the Supply Planning team to ensure the best supply of 150 Hellweg stores.



Timo Ala-Risku
Director EMEA Field Presales, RELEX Solutions

The webinar will be moderated by Timo Ala-Risku, currently leading a team of presales process and solution experts in Europe. With a background in supply chain research, Timo has been with RELEX for the past decade and is always keen to understand novel retail planning challenges and opportunities to improve retailers’ business processes.