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From Planograms to Realograms:
How Emerging Technology is Transforming Merchandising and Planning

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

A planogram is more than a pretty picture! It’s where the art and science of merchandising meet to drive customer loyalty—creating a positive return with an unrivalled customer experience to separate you from your competitors. Plan with precision, execute to perfection and collaborate with clarity.

This webinar discusses how emerging technologies reduce costs and increase profitability for retailers and CPGs.

Those who watch this webinar can expect to come away with an understanding of:

  • How RELEX and SMSB are leveraging technology with their customers to solve unique retail planning challenges
  • What the future of planograms look like and how technology is transforming the execution and collaboration of merchandising strategies
  • How category managers can adopt this technology to make it work for their business

Your Webinar Speakers

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Eric Circle


Eric Bachrach
Lead Solution Principle - Category Management, RELEX Solutions

Eric has over 25 Years experience of Category Management expertise in developing, leading, and implementing best-practice processes across multiple organizations to leverage the maximum capabilities of their Category Management software solutions. At RELEX Solutions, Eric has worked with retailers such as Rite Aid, Family Farm & Home, Kum & Go, Sheetz and many more on optimizing their business processes and identifying areas of opportunity to increase sales, reduce costs and maximize the efficiency of in-store operations through optimized product assortments and inventory management.


J_DeRienzo Headshot-modified


Jason DeRienzo
CEO, SMSB Consulting

As a co-creator of EZPOG, the first-ever web-based planogram solution, Jason brings 25 years of extensive experience in assisting Consumer Package Goods manufacturers and retailers improve their merchandising strategies

Jason is on a mission to provide high-yielding software and merchandising solutions imperative to streamlining retail execution while improving the overall customer purchasing experience. His goal is to help CPG manufacturers identify real growth, attaining higher sales and substantial market shares through Image recognition software.