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Leveraging Machine Learning in Your Retail Demand Forecasting

Duration: 40 minutes + Q&A

Today’s retail planners are responsible for tracking and responding to hundreds of factors continuously impacting retail demand. In this webinar, RELEX experts share real-world insights and examples to demonstrate how retailers have successfully leveraged machine learning to manage this vast amount of data.

Those who watch this webinar will come away with answers to questions like:

  • What is machine learning, and how can it help retailers solve their most critical demand forecasting challenges?
  • How have top companies implemented machine learning to improve their retail demand forecasting?
  • How can machine learning work for your business and its unique retail demand planning challenges?

Your Webinar Speakers

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Aki Elovehmas
Lead Data Scientist, RELEX Solutions

As Lead Data Scientist and member of RELEX Labs, Aki leads a team responsible for forecasting and supply chain-related research at RELEX. RELEX Labs works closely with customers to make sure the vision for the future of retail optimization meets real-world, boots-on-the-ground needs.




Nikin Tailor
Field Presales Principal, RELEX Solutions

Nikin is a member of the RELEX Presales Process and Solutions team in Europe. With a background in supply chain across retail and manufacturing, Nikin has been with RELEX for the past seven years and is always keen to explore the forever-evolving retail planning challenges and opportunities to improve retailers’ business processes.