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Promotional Pain Points: Improving Campaigns and Reducing Profit Loss

Duration: 45 minutes + time for Q&A

Worldwide financial concerns combined with the lingering effects of supply chain disruptions have left people seeking easy, efficient options to get the best bang for their buck. Thus, online and offline promotions have become very appealing to budget-conscious consumers – and more complex than ever before for retailers.

In this 45-minute webinar, Thom Iddon-Escalante at RELEX Promotions, the #1 enterprise solution for evaluating, predicting, and planning retail promotions, joins Laurence Brenig-Jones, VP, Product Strategy and Marketing at RELEX Solutions, to discuss common pain points around promotion planning, how supply chain disruptions have affected cost worthiness, and how effective promotional campaigns can improve sales and reduce profit loss.

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Thom Iddon-Escalante
Product Director at Formulate

Thom has spent seven years in the retail technology industry, with the past three focusing on promotion optimization at Formulate by RELEX. His passion is helping retailers run more effective campaigns that drive revenue and profit while reducing waste.




Laurence Brenig-Jones
Director, Product Strategy, RELEX Solutions

Laurence works globally with customers to collaborate and co-develop solutions in line with the long-term strategic roadmap. Laurence has a background in retail, having spent eight years at the UK grocer Waitrose in roles such as Head of Product Supply and Head of Operational Strategy. He has a passion for seeking solutions that integrate retail processes for the greater good.