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Supply Chain Disruption: Cracking the Bullwhip in Asia-Pacific

Duration: 30 minutes

Global supply chain dysfunction has driven disruption at a dramatic, urgent scale, exposing vulnerabilities that the industry has known for decades but failed to address. Although restrictions are now easing, the supply chain bottlenecks will likely to continue due to the surging demand, adding capacity constraints, and impacting retailers and consumer brands across the Asia Pacific.

In this 30-minutes webinar, Asia Pacific retailers and consumer brands can uncover the best practices on ways to tackle supply chain challenges and crack today’s bullwhip effect to better manage future uncertainties.

Supply chain professionals can expect to come away with an understanding of:

  • How to mitigate supply risks by increasing supply chain visibility through effective retailer-supplier collaboration
  • How to build resilience through end-to-end supply chain transparency, with real-world examples
  • Supply chain predictions and recommendations on how retailers can best prepare for further disruption

Webinar Speakers

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Kristie Davison
Vice President Sales Asia Pacific, RELEX Solutions

Kristie has over 10 years of experience in the retail sector, helping retailers to optimise their retail planning. She started her career in the UK, collaborating with different retailers in Europe. Today, she works with retailers across the APAC region and has led the sales efforts there since 2018.



David Matern
Senior Retail Planning Consultant, RELEX Solution

David is a value-driven consultant with over 10-years of industry experience. He has worked with some of the world's largest retail, wholesale and FMCG companies on topics including supply chain management, process optimization, and AI driven solutions.