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Sustainability Today: Taking Measurable Action to Reduce Food Waste

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In this webinar, RELEX expert Katie Malakhov is joined by Maen Mahfoud, CEO and founder of Replate, a food rescue organization that uses technology to match surplus food from businesses with communities in need.

Mahfoud and Malakhov discuss how data-driven supply chain forecasting and food donation logistics can support measurable sustainability efforts. They also explain how retailers can be compliant with government food waste regulations while preparing for a more sustainable future.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to measure your business’s current and future sustainability efforts  
  • How forecast and replenishment data can be used to reduce spoilage throughout the supply chain  
  • How metrics can be used to match retailers with donation sites while ensuring compliance with legislation 


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Katie Malakhov
Director of Business Delivery, RELEX Solutions

Katie Malakhov is the Director of Business Delivery for RELEX Solutions where she leads a team of business consultants and is in charge of project management and partner operations in North America. Katie has a decade of experience in supply chain and project management and she’s successfully implemented numerous customers within her four years at RELEX. She is passionate about providing advanced unified solutions to retailers!

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Maen Mahfoud
Founder & CEO, Replate

Maen is the CEO and Founder of Replate.  Growing up as a Syrian, Maen saw the effects of poor access to food nearly every day. After immigrating to California, he was disappointed to find similar disparities within San Francisco and was inspired to build Replate. Today, he and his talented team aim to solve inefficiency in the food supply chain by matching surplus food from businesses with communities in need!