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Unified Planning & Optimization: Centralize for Success  

In this on-demand hour-long webinar, RELEX Promotions and Markdown expert Laurence Brenig-Jones and RELEX Space and Assortment expert Sam Welton take a deep dive into the benefits of a unified planning process, which brings data and plans from different departments into a single, centralized solution.

Brenig-Jones notes, “We're moving increasingly to a world where any optimizations within retail need to consider the effects of [their entire] environment to ensure that they are optimal.” Brenig-Jones and Welton demonstrate how unified practices in every area of retail provide critical visibility that enables retailers to improve end-to-end decision making and outcomes across all core functions and where to begin the process.

For example, Welton discusses taking advantage of flexible automation for planograms. Retailers can use simple templates to pull out the merchandising strategy that they want to put into place, along with the sequence of products, to create a store-specific plan. He adds, “This means that [retailers] can actually unlock the potential for unified planning because [they] can start to look at the product location data and make adjustments to the planogram that feed into replenishment optimization as well.”

Brenig-Jones and Welton share three unique use cases (replenishment, space planning, and workforce) for centralized planning, with real-world examples of retailers who leveraged a unified system to successfully increase their operational efficiency

Those who watch this webinar can expect to come away with an understanding of:

  • How changes in replenishment planning can decrease in-store shelving costs 
  • How store-specific planogram optimization can help avoid stock-outs and increase availability 
  • How highly accurate supply chain forecasts can help cut labor costs 


Your Webinar Speakers

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Sam Welton
Head of Product Strategy & Management: Space & Assortment, RELEX Solutions

Sam has worked in the retail sector for the last 15 years, with a focus on Category Management & Merchandising. Having spent several years working with RELEX’s customers around the globe, he is currently coordinating the development of RELEX’s Space & Assortment solutions and roadmap to solve problems in an ever-changing market.




Laurence Brenig-Jones
Head of Product Strategy & Management: Promotions and Markdowns, RELEX Solutions

Laurence works globally with customers to collaborate and co-develop solutions in line with the long-term strategic roadmap. Laurence has a background in retail, having spent eight years at the UK grocer Waitrose in roles such as Head of Product Supply and Head of Operational Strategy. He has a passion for seeking solutions that integrate retail processes for the greater good.